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You. Me. We. Diamonds

Blue Heron Jewelry is proud to announce an exciting new selection of diamonds available NOW!

These round and cushion shaped diamonds have been personally chosen for their excellent cut and bright high color.  Our diamond partner, one of the country’s largest providers, has helped us present high value diamonds that take some of the guess work out of choosing the perfect stone for your engagement.  Come see for yourself today!  We’ll help you choose the right diamond with the right ring for the right moment.

Blue Heron Jewelry presents the most meaningful piece of jewelry in your new story as You and Me become We.

Not only do we have access to a vast selection of diamonds that we can bring in to show you, but now we have in a collection of diamonds IN our store that have been carefully selected for YOU to choose from specifically for engagement rings.  These diamonds have been hand selected to showcase the highest colors and cuts giving you a selection that will impress.  Within this selection we give you options to pick your size stone as well as the level of clarity giving you the power to choose a gorgeous diamond for an incredible value.

Having this collection of loose brilliant diamonds also allows for you to choose the mounting in which you are presenting this token of love.  We want to be your support system and guide you through this process with the numerous options of ring choices.  We have a variety of routes you can take, from choosing a classic solitaire mounting and let the stone speak for itself, or help you explore a more customized route from a truly unique custom mounting or a stylized simple one.

Come in and see how far we can stretch your dollar for your diamond ring

We will provide you with choices and can go as far into the depths of options as you need from few to many and guide you through this exciting time.  We want to be your advocate and give you the best experience, best look and best product for the best value.  It can be overwhelming to choose a diamond or engagement ring and we want this to be a comfortable and stress-free time for you.

You have found your partner and are choosing this symbol to show the world you are a We.  At Blue Heron Jewelry we know this is an incredible moment for you both and will be honored for you to let us be a part of your new story.


Blue Heron Jewelry is here to help you in this exciting new chapter by providing you with support and options


  • This collection focuses on the overall diamond visual appeal while keeping it budget friendly
  • Don’t stress, we want this time to be comfortable and to set you up for success
  • Our selection lets you choose what size and clarity of diamond you want while knowing the cut and color are exceptional and consistent
  • Once you choose your diamond, take the customizing options as far as you wish- from few to endless, we will guide you to help achieve the perfect look

We will give you the best look, best experience and best value

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