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2017 MJSA Responsible Practices Distinction Winner


Blue Heron Jewelry Co. is the Responsible Practices Distinction Winner for this year’s National MJSA design competition!

“We choose to follow these rules because the Pacific Northwest is one of the most beautiful natural environments anywhere, and all of us at Blue Heron Jewelry are motivated to preserve the beauty of the nature around us.”

MJSA is the trade association that is dedicated to professional excellence in jewelry making and designing.  Every year they host a design competition, the MJSA Vision Awards, that designers across the nation submit designs for various categories.  One of the categories is the Responsible Practices Distinction, which honors designs that use responsibly sourced materials, including recycled metals and fair-trade gems, and were created using environmentally sensitive manufacturing processes.

We submitted our Tanzanite and diamond white gold rings and it won this category!  This ring was a design collaboration by owner Leo Fried and designers Nanz Aalund and Jessica Endresen.

This 14k white gold ring features a 3.47 carat, oval-cut tanzanite and diamond accents. Leo Fried, the owner of Blue Heron Jewelers, purchased the tanzanite from stone dealer and African safari guide Godwin Selembo; it was sourced from a co-op of Masi Miners, and a portion of the sale price goes back into the co-op, where it will help to fund teacher’s salaries, housing, clean water wells, schools, and other needs as determined by the village. The white gold is sourced from Hoover & Strong’s Harmony metals, which are certified by SCS Global Services. The accent diamonds were either recycled from customer’s own goods or purchased from dealers who adhere to the Kimberly Process. The Blue Heron Jewelry Company also employs casting and manufacturing processes that adhere to or excel advisory guidelines established by the Department of Toxic Substance Control (DTSC) of the State of California.” -MJSA Awards Article

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The full detail article came out in the MJSA magazine, August edition.  Below are photos of the ring, Jessica with the magazine article, and designers Nanz Aalund, Leo Friend, and Jessica Endresen.

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