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June Delights in Pearl, Moonstone & Alexandrite


There are many reasons to celebrate the month of June: Father’s Day, Graduations from high school or college and birthdays! June’s birthstone pearl has double duty serving as a terrific birthday gift as well as a timeless mememto for graduates. We’ve all had moments when a pair of pearl earrings or strand of pearls is the perfect accessory for our look. Graduates will be needing to make a polished and professional impression as they move out in the world. Pearls fit the bill! They come in so many colorls, sizes, shapes and qualities that we’re sure to have what you need.


Lest we forget that nothing in family life would be possible without Fathers; we have something special to offer our beloved Dads on their special day. We know they’re softies just like Moms so to honor their love for their children, we’re offering the opportunity to create a very personal gift. Bring in your child, we’ll take an impression of their finger then we’ll cast that impression in sterling silver to be attached as a keychain. Youth if fleeting, as we all know, so take a moment to stop time with this one of a kind gift. Dads will love it!

June babies also enjoy choosing from pearls, moonstone and alexandrite as their birthstone. All the gemstones bring good luck, clarity, love and prosperity to the wearer. You can’t go wrong. Alexandrite is a relatively young birthstone having been found in Russia in the late 19th century. Large stones hover around 2 carats with stones over 5 carats being extremely rare. Their distinct color change make them a remarkable & desirable gemstone. Today it is mined in Russia, Brazil & Sri Lanka among other locations.


Moonstone has enjoyed popularity throughout the centuries which hasn’t dwindled with the passage of time. It is the most highly prized form of the feldspar mineral. It comes in different colors but always has that special sheen called adularescence. It shimmers like the light of the moon.

Whatever the occasion in June that has you celebrating, we’re here to share the moments with you and help find the perfect way to mark the occasion.