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to build memories for you and yours,

to create a one-of-a-kind lifelong keepsake that fulfills your vision.

- Leo Fried

Sit back for a quick tour

We'd like to tell you just a little about the theme. Slowly scroll down and we'll guide you through! If you'd rather see a demonstration of a classic demo that's pretty boring and demonstrates the usual features, click here. Now Shoo! Scroll!


Animated post loading

Go Ahead, click on any post Don't worry, it's going to load via AJAX, When you want to come back to this page, you can just close the post with a X in the corner or tap the Escape key on your keyboard (assuming you have one).


AJAX Is smart with this one

AJAX is great. It makes your site feel just that much more pretty. We gave it a thought and decided that you'd probably love to have AJAX and keep all the SEO Benefits of a regular site, so we worked really hard to make the theme work even without JavaScript. Search engines dig that. You will too.

Impressive You Say ?

Parallax Anywhere

Create parallax section breaks, backgrounds, footer, header or even a whole page built just with parallax, because in this theme you can do it all with minimal effort! And for you daredevils out there - you can even have a presentation in your header!
View Parallax Sales Pitch or  View Parallax for Crazies


Build Your Own

Thanks to the amazing Visual Composer for WordPress we're able to provide you with a Simple Page Builder that is simple to use, but is powerful enough for you to build your own headers, footers and content and parallax pages.

And More

[pure_vc_Media with Text title="Infinite Scroll" media_position="top" responsive_palm="palm-one-half" responsive_lap="lap-one-whole" link="" icon="cog"]

Infinite Scroll

More than a simple Infinite Scroll. Your visitors will be able to scroll infinitely while using Portfolio and Blog Filters!

[/pure_vc_Media with Text]
[pure_vc_Media with Text title="Custom Icons" media_position="top" link="" responsive_palm="palm-one-half" responsive_lap="lap-one-whole" icon="shopping-1"]

Custom Icons

Custom tailored 75 icons already arranged in a sprite sheet. How convenient!

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[pure_vc_Media with Text title="Happy to Help" media_position="top" link="" responsive_palm="palm-one-half" responsive_lap="lap-one-whole" icon="group"]

Happy to Help

We stand by our themes and if you run into trouble, we'll be happy to help!

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[pure_vc_Media with Text title="Unlimited Colors" media_position="top" link="#" responsive_palm="palm-one-half" responsive_lap="lap-one-whole" icon="brush"]

Unlimited Colors

Using Native Wordpress controls you'll be able to change up the colors to fit your brand!

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Think Less. Do More.