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August Peridot & Pink Excitement

Arizona-Peridot1-100x100Here in the Pacific Northwest, our summer is just hitting its stride! We are celebrating the month of August with an amazing selection of Peridot jewelry. We are particularly proud of our selection of styles, prices and range of gemstone qualities.

Did you know that Peridot represents August’s birthstone and is knows as the “Gem of the Sun”? The largest minefield is in Arizona, specifically the San Carlos Apache Reservation. The gems are mined by hand using traditional methods. The best gemstones from here are deep lime green, are not heat treated and are free from inclusions.


Peridot can be found elsewhere in the world including Burma. The gemstones here tend to be a darker grass green than the ones found in Arizona. Peridot is a 7 on the MOH’s hardness scale which is similar to quartz. It cannot take high heat, is brittle and needs to be handled carefully. If it’s set ina ring, you don’t want to wear it every day.